Six principles from "Think and Grow Rich" that students preparing for the NEET MDS exam can use for inspiration.

Tue Aug 22, 2023



Cultivate a strong desire to succeed in the NEET MDS exam. Set clear goals and visualize your success. Let your desire drive your efforts and dedication towards your preparation.


Have faith in your abilities and the preparation process. Believe that you can overcome challenges and succeed in the exam. Maintain a positive mindset and surround yourself with supportive people.


Use positive affirmations and self-talk to reinforce your confidence and determination. Remind yourself of your strengths and capabilities. Overcome self-doubt through consistent positive autosuggestions.


Acquire in-depth knowledge about the subjects and topics relevant to the NEET MDS exam. Study consistently, seek guidance from experts, and stay updated with the latest developments in the field.


Create a well-structured study plan and schedule. Break down your preparation into manageable tasks and allocate time for each subject and topic. A systematic approach enhances your efficiency and productivity.


Make firm decisions about your study methods, time management, and strategies. Avoid procrastination and indecision. Decisiveness propels you forward and minimizes distractions.


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