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Demo Lectures

Insight to the video lessons : Our Expert-Led Video Demos: Your Gateway to Online Learning Success

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Instructors: Aspire MDS



Welcome to our online course! In these demo video lectures, you'll get a taste of what our full course has to offer. Our expert instructors will guide you through key concepts and provide in-depth demonstrations of practical applications. Whether you're a beginner or have some prior knowledge, you'll find value in these engaging and informative lectures. Get ready to enhance your skills and take the first step towards reaching your goals. Let's get started!

How to use?

Click on Buy now to access the course under My courses section in Library. This is demo and free access. This can be accessed only through Phone or Tab(Android /iOS)

Course Curriculum

Cranial Nerves Anatomy (24:00)
Pharynx and Larynx (26:00)
General Physiology (33:00)
Endocrine System (89:00)
Vitamin A (12:00)
Nucleic Acids (19:00)
Dental Anatomy and Histology
Primary vs Permanent Dentition (22:00)
Development of Tooth (40:00)
Dental Materials
Types of Porosity in Casting (9:00)
Pharmacokinetics (33:00)
Antibiotics-1 (26:00)
Oedema (5:00)
Bacteria (24:00)
Virus Microbiology -Part 1 (41:00)
General Medicine
Infections - 1 (36 pages)
Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice (26:00)
General Surgery
Skin Grafting (17:00)
Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology
Developmental Disturbances Part 1 (38:00)
Did you know this about Inferior Alveolar Canal?
Basics of Genetics (23:00)
Histopathological types of Unicystic Ameloblastoma (1:00)
Oral Manifestation of Systemic Disorders (64:00)
Red and White Lesion Part 1 (12:00)
Café-au-Lait spots (1:00)
Dental caries (30:00)
Oral Radiology
OPG (34:00)
OPG Landmarks (5:00)
Egg shell effect (4:00)
SLOB Rule for Object Localisation (7:00)
Radiographic Latent Image formation (7:00)
Beam Attenuation (7:00)
Basics of CBCT & Its use in Endodontics (29:00)
Oral Surgery
Lefort 3 Fracture (7:00)
Lefort 2 Fracture (6:00)
Lefort 1 Fracture (5:00)
Favorable and Unfavorable Fracture of Mandible (3:00)
Maximum Recommended Dose Calculation (15:00)
Hypoglossal nerve palsy (3:00)
Facial Palsy (10:00)
Intubation (27:00)
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Working Length Determination _ Weine Method _ Major and Minor Diameter (7:00)
Laws of Pulp Chamber Anatomy (10:00)
Bur Blade Design (5:00)
Mandibular movement (17:00)
Periodontal Flap surgery & Mucogingival Surgeries (63:00)
All about Dental Implants (26:00)
Frames and Trusses in Orthodontics (3:00)
Orthodontic Biomechanics (11:00)
Cephalometric Landmarks and their definition (6:00)
PITCH - ROLL - YAW (6:00)
Carey's Model Analysis (2:00)
Anchorage (14:00)
Synchondrosis (2:00)
Pediatric fractures and Management (17:00)
Traumatic Injuries (98:00)
Public Health Dentistry
Epidemiology (148:00)
Fluorides (25:00)